Wally and Alice Moxim

Species: dog
Breed: Other
Health Conditions: None, None and None
Pet's Name: Wally and Alice Moxim
Taste-imonial: Andy and Pete, the big Labrador dogs before us gave their tastimonials many years ago, so now it's our turn. We just love Aunt Jeni's food, too. We especially like the frozen beef but chicken is sort of ok, too. Mom would love to go back to the old packaging though, since it was much easier to figure out how to divide it for us small dogs.

We love those chicken necks, too and they keep our teeth so clean - we've never had to go through on of those dental cleanings and we're now 9 (Wally's the brown one) and (Alice, the black and white one) 8 years old. We were rescue dogs and can't even imagine what our lives would be like if Mom hadn't found us.

Thank you Aunt Jeni for making such great food - we love you!