Species: cat
Breed: Somali
Health Conditions: Inflammatory Bowel (IBD / IBS / Colitis), and
Pet's Name: Chloe
Taste-imonial: Chloe has been on Aunt Jeni Homemade a Raw Meat Diet for about 9 years now. When we first got Chloe, she was going "cow pies" about 8 to 10 times a day. She was on hypoallergenic food through our local vet....wasn't working. He sent us to the university of Tennessee and after several tests she was diagnosed with IBS and on yet another hypoalilergic food and meds. Still no improvement. The breeder we got her from suggested Aunt Jeni's . After just 1 feeding she was normal. I couldn't believe it. She has remained normal ever since. I won't give her anything else. She now weights 8 lbs and is a very beautiful, very spoiled Ruddy Somali.