Who is Aunt Jeni?

Affectionately known as Aunt Jeni to an ever-growing family of pets and their owners, Jennifer Boniface is perhaps the most qualified of a growing number of entrepreneurs in the world of Animal Nutrition. Jennifer’s academic credentials set her apart from others venturing into the manufacture of natural diets, treats and supplements for pets. Having obtained her Bachelors degree in Animal Science (University of Maryland, 1985) she held a series of positions within the USDA. Eventually, Jennifer left the world of animal care and set out into the business world. Returning to school, she pursued a career in accounting, passed the CPA exam and enjoyed a successful career as a Certified Public Accountant.

Aunt Jeni with RascalAlways the love of animals was in her heart, and her home was filled with cherished pets. Years later, due to serious illness in one of her beloved dogs, Jennifer had occasion to visit a teaching veterinary hospital. This was a life-altering experience, as it served to “remind” her of the world she had left behind. The seed was planted in her mind, and nearly a year later, Jennifer said goodbye to the world of accounting, returning once more to student life.

In graduate school, Jennifer was privileged to work with and study a South American species called the Maned Wolf, which is on the Endangered Species list. Her research was conducted through the National Zoo in Washington DC. Through her efforts, a special diet was developed to assist these magnificent animals with some genetic health conditions which she found to be responsive to her dietary management. For this work, (“Dietary Control of Cystinuria in Maned Wolves”) Jennifer received her Masters degree in Animal Nutrition Science (University of Maryland, 1998). Even before officially graduating, Jennifer was busy working on the development of her own line of pet products, based on years of personal experience, and enhanced by official academic learning experiences as well as additional personal research and reading. Having created products that answer a real need for people who want the best for their pets, Aunt Jeni launched her unique pet food, treats and supplements on the market. These days you can find her in the Aunt Jeni Kitchen, working on new product development, or online, where all e-mail is answered personally!