Frequently Asked Questions about our Treats

Where does the meat come from in your treats? Is it organic?
We use the same brands of domestic poultry carried by Whole Foods Markets. The chicken is Bell & Evans; the duck is Culver. The beef is imported from BSE-free countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, and Australia; the lamb and goat are imported from New Zealand. The fish is wild-caught in Chile, Peru, India or Argentina. The meats are not certified organic, but are from animals that are free-range, humanely raised and killed, non-medicated (no growth hormones or antibiotics), and USDA inspected. All except the lungs are graded for human consumption.
What else is added to these treats?
The treats are simply dehydrated meats. Nothing else. We don't add any preservatives or artificial ingredients.
I am looking for training treats. Are yours good for this use?
Due to their dry, crunchy nature, our treats can take some time to chew/swallow. Their consistency may not be the perfect choice for training, depending on your methods and your dog.
I have a small dog, and your treats come in big pieces.
We strive to produce nice big pieces for those large sized dogs out there, but all of our treats are crispy and very easily broken into any size piece you desire to use.
My pet is overweight and I need a treat that doesn't have too many calories.
Many of our treats are quite low in fat, which is great for those who must watch their waistlines! Of course some restraint is in order when giving your pet treats, as too much of a good thing can be detrimental to a weight loss goal.
My pet has a health condition requiring low protein food.
Our treats are meat-based and therefore fairly high in protein, but if used in moderation, they may be ok as a treat item for your pet. Of course if there is any doubt please check with your veterinarian first.
My pet loves these treats, can I just feed those instead of the food?
No. The treats are not nutritionally balanced and are not meant to be used in place of a regular, complete diet.
I caught my children eating the chicken breast treats, will they get sick?
No. (Unless maybe they eat too many!) Our treats are very similar to some that are on the market for humans, except ours don't have any extra salt, sugar, color enhancers or preservatives so they are probably healthier for your children than "people treats."
The Chicken Feet and Duck Feet look scary! Is it really ok for my dog to eat them?
Yes, although their looks are a bit off-putting to us humans, pets of all sizes love these treats and crunch them up with glee.