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Chili Pet's Name: Chili
Breed: Chow Chow
Health Problem: None
I have just turned 15. I have been eating Aunt Jeni's bones and raw chicken for 14 years. I am sure it is one of the reasons I have reached this ripe old age. Thank you Aunt Jeni!
Niles Pet's Name: Niles
Breed: Bombay
Health Problem: Inflammatory Bowel (IBD / IBS / Colitis)
Niles Loves Frozen Raw Food
This product was a life-saver! After my prior specialty food manufacturer changed, the new food produced did not sit well with my tummy! Repeated vet visits resulted in an array of diagnoses, some of them ridiculous. On a whim, my owners tried Aunt Jeni's Frozen food (a variety of meat types...
Phoebe, Imara & Kimbia Pet's Name: Phoebe, Imara & Kimbia
Breed: Burmese
Health Problem: None
Phoebe, Imara & Kimbia Loves Frozen Raw Food
These lovely Burmese cats are owned by Lauri Henry of Singita Burmese in Minnesota.

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