Sources of our Ingredients

We want our customers to be assured of the high quality of each and every ingredient that passes through our doors and into our manufacturing facility. All of our meats are USDA inspected and graded for human consumption. We will never use anything "4D" or less than "good enough for humans" to eat, in any of our products!


BEEF: Our beef is imported from BSE-free countries such as New Zealand, Argentina, and Australia. These countries raise cattle naturally, with no hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are free-range and grass-fed. The beef we use is in approximately a 95:5 lean:fat ratio.

Bell & Evans PoultryCHICKEN & TURKEY: We use poultry from Bell and Evans, of Fredericksburg, PA. "The Excellent Chicken" is all-natural, minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, no antibiotics administered, and is fed an all vegetable diet containing no preservatives and no animal by-products. Bell and Evans provides poultry to the Whole Foods grocery chain. You can read more about this supplier, and direct any questions to their representatives, through their website.

Culver Duck

DUCK: We use duck from Culver Farms. This is the only brand of duck that the Whole Foods grocery chain carries. Culver ducks are raised without antibiotics. You can read more about Culver Duck Farms on their website. 

FISH: The fish used in our Fish Oil + Vitamin E supplement are anchovy and sardine, both wild caught off the coast of Iceland. The fish used in our frozen food and dehydrated treats are sardines from India or anchovies from Argentina, all wild-caught.

LAMB & GOAT: Our lamb and goat are imported from New Zealand and Australia. No hormones or antibiotics are used, and they are free-range, grass-fed animals. We also have access to a limited supply of locally raised meat, from a certified organic farm in the state of Maryland.

PORK: Our pork is USA sourced, humanely-raised, lean meat. No antibiotics or hormones are used. The meat is deep frozen to ensure there is no risk of trichinosis, per CDC recommendations.


We purchase our produce through the same vendors that supply hotels and restaurants with top quality, human-grade products. In addition, we do our best to support small, local farms that follow organic farming practices. For example, we use locally produced apples straight from the orchard, with no waxy coating or pesticides.


We use organic nuts and seeds grown and produced in the USA and Canada.